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Wedding Day Tips From a Hairstylist

First off, congratulations on your engagement! Wedding planning can be a blast but also tends to breed some stress (or a lot). This article is to help alleviate some of that because the last thing you should be worried about on your big day is how you look. Invest in a great glam squad so you can sit back and enjoy every moment of your special day.

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Pro Tip #1: This one actually happens before your wedding day, but ALWAYS have a trial done for hair and makeup

Trust me on this, you do not want any surprises on the day of your wedding, Plan ahead and prevent possible disappointment by booking a trial for both hair and makeup. Bridal trials allow for the beauty professionals and bride to get to know each other. Your glam team needs to know what styles you like and dislike. During a trial, a lot of time is spent perfecting the look so that on the day of your wedding, everything is smooth sailing.

Pro Tip #2: Wear a button-down or tank top during your glam session.

Nothing is worse than trying to squeeze your gorgeous updo out of a turtleneck to get into your dress. Wear a top that you can easily remove without having to pull it over your head. Make sure it's something you're comfortable getting some hairspray and makeup on.

Pro Tip #3: Plan your hair accessories ahead of time

Bring your hair accessories to wherever you're seeing your stylist! This allows the stylist to place them for you, ensuring that you have them properly installed. Rest assured knowing that your pins or florals aren't moving around throughout the evening.

One of the best places to look for accessories is Amazon, especially is you're looking to save a buck! Type in "Bridal hair accessories" and away you go. They're inexpensive, gorgeous, and have fast shipping.

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Pro Tip #4: Bring snacks

Chances are high that you'll be getting dolled up for at least a couple hours, avoid getting hangry by bringing something to nibble on. Most places will also let you have bubbly or wine to enjoy with your crew while you get ready. When in doubt, contact your venue or getting ready space to see if they have rules surrounding alcohol or outside food.

Pro Tip #5: Try not to touch your curls

Yes, your curls look amazing. Yes, you want to touch them. Try very hard to resist the urge to play with your locks. The more you touch the curl, the more risk of them getting frizzy or falling out. Instead, consider always holding onto a glass of champagne so that your hands are occupied and you keep your paws off those fresh curls. Double-fist those glasses if necessary.

Pro Tip #6: Designate a member of your bridal party to be the hairspray holder

Someone is bound to have a purse or clutch, keep a travel-size bottle of hairspray on hand just in case you need a touch-up throughout the evening. Better yet, make an emergency kit and include things like bobby pins or a plastic cap for rain. I highly recommend also having your stylist show someone how to remove your vale and put it back in if needed. This way your hair stays safe from accidents and harsh removals.

In summary, try to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress on your wedding day. This day is all about love and that should include extending it to yourself. Practice self-care by protecting yourself from feeling frazzled on a day where you should feel taken care-of and pampered.

Any questions? Leave them below! - Emma

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