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Ottawa Wedding Awards

Hey guys!

I had the honour of being nominated for the Ottawa Wedding Awards this year! The hairstylist award has some crazy competition so it was really amazing to be apart of that. The Wedding Awards are hosted by Ottawa Wedding Magazine and happen annually.

There are two award categories, Platinum awards, which you have to submit work into and the winner is decided by a panel of judges, and people's choice, which is exactly what it sounds like. I was nominated in the people's choice category! Meaning somewhere on the internet, someone thinks I'm cool (score).

After finding a dress and getting everything ready, my girlfriend Lana volunteered to do my makeup. She's kind of amazing at it, so naturally I was thrilled (especially because I'm terrible at it). Here's my full glam

The awards ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It felt like we were at a wedding reception, a super glam wedding reception, it was magical. The best part had to be the food, I'm usually a semi-picky eater, but I tried everything and LOVED it all.

I can't even tell you what these food items are for the most pet, but they rocked my world. Food was provided by the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata.

While I didn't take home an award, I did get to be apart of this fabulous event and had the chance to meet other incredible professionals from the wedding industry.

Thanks for having me!


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