• Emma Ward

Meet Billie, The Beauty Bus!

Hey Ottawa, meet Billie.

We have been graced by the presence of Ottawa's very first beauty bus!

Billie the Blue Bird
What the heck is a beauty bus?

In this case, a beauty bus is a converted school bus that now is a fully functioning mini-spa! This beauty bar on-wheels offers bridal parties a place to get ready for their big day. The bus will be staffed by makeup and nail artists so that it becomes the ultimate place to get pampered.

The owner and creative visionary of Billie, is Jacquie Kuntze. This babe runs her own mobile bridal makeup service AND her own cosmetics line. Jacquie is an Ottawa local who is well-known in the surrounding wedding vendor community. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jacquie for a few years now! We first met at an edgy fashion photo shoot for Rowe's Fashion, and we've since worked on several more projects together.

I caught wind of Billie's launch party via Jacquie's Instagram, and knew that it was something I needed to see. It's been a full month since my foot operation, so thankfully I was doing well and able to attend!

How was the party?

Jacquie puts on one hell of a show. I went to Billie's launch party accompanied by two incredible local photographers who I'm happy to call my friends! When I arrived with Leesa and Sophie, we immediately got to soak in the beauty of Billie. This bus was dressed to the nines, decked out with balloons, disco balls, and so much more. The devil was in the detail that day, and Jacquie was checking off every box. She crafted delicious mocktails and offered a gorgeous spread of fruits and sweets.

The decorations were to-die-for, you can definitely see that Jacquie put her heart and soul into this bus. The bus featured a light and airy decor style and was adorned by adorable messages throughout. It very quickly felt like home and I can see how it would be perfect for a bridal party. This private space offers brides a chance to get cozy with their glam-squad while being pampered by beauty professionals.

The party had an awesome turnout! Tons of people came to check out Jacquie's bus and celebrate all of her hard work. It was a pleasure to see her flocked by people who adored Billie. The event attracted many other local wedding vendors. I enjoyed meeting new faces and mingling with some that I already recognized. It was easy to tell that the industry professionals and other attendees really enjoyed the party.

Billie had his own photo booth all set and ready for guests to snap some fun boomerangs and photos! We obviously has to take full advantage of this The theme of the evening was Disco Dinosaurs so we tried our best to represent.

On July 1st of last year, Jacquie Cosmetics was officially born. This brand of luxury makeup is beauty with a conscience. All of her makeup is ethically sourced, vegan, and paraben free. Right now, she has a selection of liquid lipsticks powders, and concealers! I'm hella excited to see what this makeup genius comes up with next.

Where can I find out more about Jacquie K??

Don't fret, I know you want more of this badass babe and I totally understand. I've got you covered! Below, you can find all of the links to her socials AND a link to check out her cosmetics line. Personally, I've tried three lippies (Daphne, Georgina, and Rebekah) and her translucent setting powder. Every single product that I've tried has wowed me! The liquid lipsticks are long-wearing and have very little transfer (which I love). Essentially, it means that I don't have to touch up my lipstick while I'm between salon clients AND there's no evidence left on my coffee cup.

I was a sucker for Kat Von D's Everlasting liquid lips, buuuuut Jacquie has won me over. For almost the same price, I get to shop local and support a fellow Ottawa artist! Jacquie is preparing for world domination and I personally cannot wait to watch the world get a little more glamorous.

Please click the links below to see Jacquie's work

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artistrybyjacquie/

Shop: http://www.jacquiecosmetics.com?aff=3

Blog: https://www.artistrybyjacquie.com/about/

See ya next time, Emma W

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