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Let's Talk About Rowes Fashion

Sometimes you meet someone, and you just instantly connect. That's how I felt when I met Rebecca Rowe. Rebecca and I originally connected to collaborate on a huge editorial photo shoot to show off her kick-ass designs. Even before we met in person, I had great vibes about this girl.

So for starters, let me introduce Rebecca. She is an Ottawa based designer who runs her own fashion business (I know, she already rocks). She started getting into fashion design in high school and has never left her passion. She traveled all the way to Paris to pursue an education in fashion so that she could start her own line. With the support of her family, Rowes Fashion was born.

(Photos by Derek Hille)

Our first shoot together was a massive collaboration. We rented a studio and spent an entire day all together creating some magic. Everyone was given free reign over their field (hair, makeup, etc) and what resulted from it was more than great photos. We all left that studio feeling like old friends.

A short while later, I reached out to Rebecca and asked if she would provide the clothes for my first ever collection. She graciously let me hand-pick through her gorgeous designs and dropped off beautiful garments for my model to wear.

(Photo by Mike GIovinazzo)

Our next project together is a charity fashion show/customer appreciation party. So cheers, here is to many more with the amazing Rebecca Rowe!

Rebecca creates beautiful modern designs that flatter all forms. She carries a diverse selection of sizes to fit every body! Also the best part.... most of her dresses and skirts have POCKETS. If you haven't already, please check out Rebecca and her work, you won't regret it. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Yours truly, Emma W

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