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Let's Talk About LW Imaging

All photos in this post by LW Imaging

Hey world, I'm so excited to introduce you to a talented photographer and a good friend of mine! Miss Leesa Watson is an Algonquin College photography grad who is rocking the Ottawa wedding scene. This bubbly babe is full of passion and will guaranteed make you have fun when you book with her. Her business, LW Imaging, specializes in weddings and boudoir photography.


Now for the very best part, the story of how I met Leesa. When I was a kid, like most, my mother told me to never get in a vehicle with a stranger. However, as an adult, I have clearly abandoned that lesson entirely. I received an email from Leesa asking about my services for a styled wedding shoot. In case anyone doesn't know, a styled wedding shoot is when a whole bunch of vendors get together and throw a mini fake wedding in order to capture great photos of it! Normally, these photos are then used for vendor portfolios. Anywho, Leesa asked if I would be apart of the shoot she was organizing with Sophie Fortier Photography.

Next thing I knew, I was set for Leesa to pick me up from my apartment so that we could drive to a fairly remote location on the Quebec side. I did my momma proud that day as I stepped into the car of a stranger and drove off into the woods where there was very little cell service. Needless to say, I was not ax murdered.

A few short minutes after I stepped into her car, Leesa asks "Hey, I've got to ask. How do you feel about farm animals? Any allergies or fears I should know about?. A little shocked, I let her know that I wasn't allergic to farm animals (to my knowledge) and I didn't think I was afraid of any. That's when this adorable human let me know that she had arranged for alpacas to come to the photo shoot to get some unique portraits of the bride and groom.

It was at that exact moment, that I knew I would get along with this lady forever. She is one of my favorite weirdos to work with. There is never a dull moment when alpacas are involved.

Since our first encounter, Leesa and I have worked on many projects together. From boudoir, to maternity, to weddings, to so many more. She is a blast to work with. One of my favorite things to watch is how she handles boudoir sets. Boudoir is such a tricky thing for a lot of people, it can be really hard to open yourself up that way. While you don't need to be naked in any way, it does have a sexy vibe. I've watched Leesa completely transform clients comfort-levels in minutes. Typically, clients start off feeling shy and/or uncomfortable in front of a camera. Within a few minutes, Leesa has them feeling themselves in all of the best ways.

She knows how to pose people to capture their best features, and she is the ultimate one-man hype-squad. She will have you feeling like a goddess in no time!


I know you want to see more of Leesa and her brand, so don't worry. I've got her full links below!




See ya next time, Emma W

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