• Emma Ward

Let's Talk About Ciao Bella Nails

Bella in her natural habituate, coffee in hand.

Guys, I am SO excited to introduce you to, the lovely, Bella Lafleur! This lady boss has officially opened her own nail spa just above us at Scissors Hair Studio. She started doing nails in November of 2016 and quickly became a nail art goddess. She's certified with CND Professional, and has been featured in Flare Magazine!

Ciao Bella is the perfect name for this adorable pixie of a human. Bella is a kind, compassionate lady who puts her soul into her art. Bella appreciates all the finer things in life: coffee, cats, plants, and bees. She's decked out the loft with tons of greenery and essential oil diffusers. Miss Bella also happens to be a mental health advocate. Having dealt with many of her own demons, she brings an honest light into the world when it comes to talking about this difficult subject. Not only is she here to make your nails look frickin' glamorous, but she's also a compassionate listener. She kind of blows my mind, if we're being honest. Y'all know me, I love having some good claws. I hadn't ventured into the world of designs and gems until I met Bella. She gave me an unbelievable set of Jeffree Star inspired jaw breaker nails that knocked my damn socks off. It's fair to say that I'm fancy now *insert shrug emoji here*.

If you're looking to get some boujee nails done, I highly encourage you to come visit Bella. She loves to take inspiration from photos and then make her own magic out of it. She'll bring your badass ideas to life. She specializes in gems, hand-drawn designs, marbling, and disco balls!

Bella's bee-utiful logo

Bella's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ciaobellanails.bellalafleur/photos/?ref=page_internal Bella's Instagram: @ciao.bella.nails

- Emma

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