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Contessa 2018 and Hollywood Hair

Hey everyone! I've finally had some time to sit down and let you in on the madness that has been my last couple of weeks. A whirlwind of excitement and education also unfortunately led to exhausted and a mean cold so I'm a little late.

This wonderful madness began with a class on November 5th in Toronto at the Schwarzkopf academy called Hollywood Hair. This class, taught by the exquisite Michelle Finlayson, was set up to teach stylist how to combine new and old school techniques to create stunning updos and long hair styles.

Here's one of my fave looks created during the class! Michelle showed up a knotted updo technique and told us to then make it our own and I decided to finish mine with some braid styling (photo two).

Did I mention that I took an overnight greyhound to get to this class? It was bananas and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, just get a hotel room like a normal person. However, I would totally do it again.  After wrapping up the class, I took the bus back to Ottawa, and headed straight to bed.

Fast forward to the next weekend, myself and some coworkers were off to Toronto (again) for the Contessa! For anyone who isn't a hair nerd, the Contessa is the Canadian hairstylist of the year awards, essentially the Oscars for hair stylists.  The contest features a number of categories for stylists to enter (colorist of the year, texture stylist, etc). Which by the way, yours truly placed top ten in Canada in the apprentice category, just saying.

What a show! With 1000 hair stylist in attendance, it was an incredible experience. We laughed, drank, and danced the night away while being inspired by so many amazing artists. Watch out for next year, the Scissors team plans on taking home our own Contessa!

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