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5 girls, 1 cottage; A Summer Vacation

Like most, I haven’t been on a vacation in a good while. Ontario’s stay-at-home orders have me daydreaming about the last time I truly went on a vacation. To add to the dream, it was also summer during the vacation instead of the height of winter that we’re currently in. So today, I’ve decided to take you away from the cool winter, and give you a glimpse into a magical adventure I went on last summer with four of my best friends; Lana, Kate, Emily, and Jess.

The planning for our vacation was simple: We needed a lot of food and drinks. After that plan was made, we went to AirBnb to find a cottage nearby. Thankfully, there were a lot of options available. We selected a cottage an hour away in Vals-Des-Bois, Quebec. The cottage was on the water and had its own pool and hottub for us to use. Our hosts live in the cottage directly above the one we were staying at. We all agreed this was the one, and started packing! We packed Jess’s car full of groceries and adult beverages and set out for a weekend we’d never forget.

Upon arrival at the cottage, we were greeted by our hosts, Sophia and Michelle. The two women were friendly and very kind as they showed us around the place. We thanked them for their time and started unpacking, which also led to opening some beverages. We decided to spend some time in the pool. Sophia came by to ask if we wouldn’t mind having coffee with her later on, we agreed! It turns out, Sophia was one of the most inspiring women we’ve ever met.

The next day, we continued to eat, drink, and just talk. Lana and myself woke up bright and early to watch the sunrise and started breakfast. Once all the girls were up, we decided to do our makeup (we’re all fans of doing this, just for fun) and listened to music while we just relaxed and took in the incredible surroundings. It turns out the lake we were staying on is called Clay Lake. The whole thing is made of that beautiful blue-grey natural clay. After a few (maybe too many) drinks, we decided to play in the clay along the shore.

Our last morning was spent on the water. Our hosts had a few small boats that we could borrow and so we relaxed on the water for a couple of hours before we finished packing up to head back home. Our girls weekend was an absolute success. We went out with the simple goal of sharing good food, good friends, and a lot of laughs together. We did just that.

Not only did we have a great time, but we met two incredible women along the way. Sophia nicknamed us her little strawberries. We actually commemorated the trip with matching tattoos.

In case you're interested in booking your own AirBnB cottage vacation, check out this great post about how to select the right one!


What was your last vacation? Better yet, what do you daydream about while staying home right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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