Contessa Finalist Collection 2019 - Haute Mess

Photographer: Lana Smith

Lana Smith Photography


Sarah Perry

Carmen Camacho

Kim Ricketts-Smith

Makeup Artist: Fatima Abedujalil

Beauty Touch by Fatima

Photographer: James Vileneuve

New City Photography

Model: Madeleine Imboden

Madeleine Imboden Model

Makeup Artist: Zab Iqbal

ZAB Makeup Artist-Hairstylist

Sebastian What's Next Collection 2018 - Queen of the House 

Contessa Semi-Finalist Collection 2018 - Spark, Fire, and Ash

Photographer: Mike Giovinazzo

Mike Giovinazzo Photography

Model: Katrina Roebuck

Katrina Roebuck Model

Makeup Artist: Jacquie Kuntze

Jacquie Cosmetics


Designer: Rebecca Rowe

Rowe's Fashion

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